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Tek Bio Hydraulic

TEKBIO HYDRAULIC OILS are environmentally sensitive products. These fluids are formulated using severely hydrotreated highly saturated base stocks and a virtually nontoxic zinc-free antiwear additive system. Exhibit excellent thermal stability and are inherently biodegradable due to the high saturate level of the base oils.


- Excellent Oxidative and Thermal Stability.

- Very good low temperature properties.

- High natural viscosity index.

tekbio hydraulic 68_2x.png

Tek Premium AW Hydraulic

TEK PREMIUM AW HYDRAULIC OILS are recommended for use in vane, gear and piston pumps operated above 3000 psi. These products are excellent to reduce vane and gear pump wear and greatly extend the life of systems operating at high loads, speeds and temperatures.




- Low Foaming.

- Extended system life.

- Long-term thermal stability.

- Long-term hydrolytic stability.

- Superior demulsibility.

premium hydraulic 68_2x.png

TekStar Hydraulic

TEKSTAR HYDRAULIC OILS are made to be used in a wide variety of applications where moderately inhibited oils are required. TEKSTAR HYDRAULIC OILS are suitable in pump, compressor and circulating systems.




- Exhibit outstanding high temperature performance providing an extra margin of equipment protection.

- Excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability properties that could extend oil and filter change intervals and help to provide exceptionally clean systems and trouble-free operation.

hydraulic 68 _2x.png


TEK R&O AW Hydraulic Oil are formulated with rust inhibitors, anti-oxidants, and ashless anti-wear additives.

They can be used in turbines, compressors, hydraulic systems, gear cases (lightly loaded gears), circulation systems and as general purpose lubricants.

These oils offer outstanding resistance to sludge formation and oxidation, excellent anti-wear protection, and are chemically and thermally stable.

Tek JD-20 MP Tractor Fluid

TEK JD-20 MP TRACTOR FLUID (UTTO) is a true universal tractor fluid, which serves as a transmission, wet brake, power take-off and final drive lubricant. JD-20 UTTO is formulated using select base oils and the most modern additives, providing maximum frictional properties for increased equipment life and reduced squawk and chatter from power take-off and wet brake systems.


- Special additives protect metal surfaces against wear and scuffing, maximizing equipment life.

- Can replace multiple products generating low inventory cost and free up shelf space.


Tek Drive Train Fluid

TEK DRIVE TRAIN FLUIDS are made for use in transmissions, final drives, and hydraulic systems requiring a fluid meeting Caterpillar TO-4 or Allison C4 requisites.




- Frictional control helps prevent clutch slippage and offers efficient action of transmission

   and brakes.

- Help protect metal surfaces against scuffing and wear even under severe operating conditions.

- Excellent compatibility with seals, O-rings.

drive train fluid 50w2_2x.png

Tek Synthetic - Gear Oils

TEK SYN GEAR OIL s are a high performance gear synthetic oil which exhibits excellent extreme pressure characteristics when operated under severe load conditions.




• Extended gear and bearing life due to minimal deposits.

• Longer seal life.

• Increased load carrying capability.

• Reduced maintenance costs and longer equipment life.

tek synthetic gear lube sae 75w

Tek Universal Gear GL 5

TEK UNIVERSAL GEAR GL-5 are top of the line heavy duty gear oils designed around a modern Sulfur-Phosphorus extreme pressure additive system and as such can be used with confidence in any gear system requiring API GL-5, GL-4, GL-3 or EP.




• Extended gear and bearing life due to minimal deposits.

• Longer seal life.

• Increased load carrying capability.

• Reduced maintenance costs and longer equipment life.

• Reduced wear and longer component life.

universal gear hg85w140_2x.png

Tek Synthetic Tranmission Fluid SAE 50

TEK SYN TRANSMISSION FLUID is a Synthetic Transmission Fluid recommended for service fill of heavy duty manual transmissions, such as those manufactured by Eaton, Meritor, and Mack.




• Demonstrated field performance for on-highway drain intervals of 500,000 miles and more.

• Provides extremely broad operating temperature ranges when related to conventional mineral oil based lubricants.

Tek MP ATF MD-3 Oil

TEK MP ATF MD-3 OIL is a true universal automatic transmission fluid, designed to help keep your transmission components protected so that they can go on working efficiently.




• Consistent, reliable, smooth and trouble free operation of automotive transmission systems.

• Exceptionally high oxidation resistance.

• Dependable anti-wear and gear protection to provide Long component life.

• Excellent oil fluidity at low temperatures.


TEK Synthetic ATF Multi-Vehicle

Is a high performance synthetic transmission fluid designed to be used in a wide range of transmissions.  It is formulated using synthetic base stocks to provide the capability of extended drains. 

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