Tek ELC AntiFreeze

TEK ELC ANTIFREEZES are designed to provide exceptional wet sleeve liner cavitation and corrosion protection of all cooling system metals, and are available as a concentrate 100% or a 50/50 pre-dilute.




-  Eliminates the cost of using supplemental coolant additives.

-  Long Service Life: 750,000 miles on-road use (8 years or 12,000 hours off-highway use)

-  Improved cooling system operation: Improves heat transfer.

-  Improved Hardware Life: Improved water pump life due to reduced water pump seal wear.

-  Long term corrosion protection, even at elevated temperatures.

Tek Conventional  Antifreeze

TEK CONV ANTIFREEZES are designed for use in automotive engines where silicates are needed and in heavy-duty diesel engines with the addition of supplemental coolant additives.




-  Can be used in a wide variety of automotive vehicles where a low silicate product is required

-  Wide temperature application.

-  Service Life: 2 years or 50,000 miles in automotive service or up to 250,000 miles in heavy

   duty service when appropriate practices are followed.

-  Excellent antifoam package minimizes foaming generation.

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