Tek Full Synthetic Motor Oils

TEK FULL SYNTHETIC MOTOR OILS are fully synthetic motor oils that are formulated with the highest quality synthetic base oils and enhanced with the most advanced additive technology for ultimate performance in meeting the latest requirements for modern engines.




-  Efficient cold weather starting due to excellent low temperature properties of the synthetic

   base oils.

-  Clean engines and emission systems.

-  Long engine life due to extremely fast lubrication during starting

Tek Syn-Blend

TEK SYN-BLEND MOTOR OILS are made with a combination of synthetic and conventional base oils to provide better cold temperature performance over conventional motor oils.




-  Strong antiwear protection.

-  Excellent protection against thermal breakdown.

-  Outstanding protection for turbocharged engines.

-  Its advanced formula will keep your engine clean, rust-free and protected.

-  Satisfies warranty requirements of cars, light trucks, and sports-utility vehicles specifying an API SN or GF-5 motor oil.

Tek Gas Syn-Blend 20W-50 SN

TEK GAS SYN-BLEND 20W-50 SN is a multigrade lubricant formulated with mineral Group II base oils and high quality additives, which provides extra performance for diesel and gasoline engines that have been converted to CNG Fuel Natural Gas as primary fuel or supplementary fuel.




- Provides protection against sludge build-up, varnish and acids.

- Protection against viscosity and thermal breakdown.

- Keeps an engine cool and clean, decreasing maintenance cost.

- Contains anti-wear additives that extend the life of your engine.

Tek High Performance - Mineral 5W20, 5W30, 10W30, 10W-40, 20W-50

TEK High Performance is high performance mineral engine oil that provides outstanding performance in today’s passenger cars.  Formulated to meet the requirements for API service grades SM or previous API "S“. Detergents minimize deposits and neutralize corrosive by-products of combustion to prevent rust and corrosion.  Shear-stable viscosity improving polymers impart improved viscometric characteristics for optimum performance and fuel economy during both cold starts and high operating temperatures in any climate.


- Increase fuel economy

- Minimize engine wear

- Lowers engine-operating temperatures

- Antifoam agents assure proper lubrication to all engine parts

Tek Nautica TC-W3/2 Cycle Oil

TEK NAUTICA TC-W3 / 2-CYCLE OIL provides the highest level of protection for high performance, high horsepower, two cycle marine engines




-  Excellent rust protection.

-  Long spark plug life.

-  Exceptionally clean.

-  Easy mixing and stable mixtures with gasoline, even at low ambient temperatures.

Tek Potenza 4T Syn-Blend 

20W-50 Motorcycle Oil

TEK POTENZA 4T 20W-50 MOTORCYCLE OIL Technology is a 4-stroke motorcycle oil specially formulated to provide outstanding, durable protection under severe, high torque, high stress conditions.



-  Premium Technology and special oil formulation help to remove deposits and keep oil

   viscosity for a longer time.

-  Smooth clutch and superior gearbox optimized viscometrics for smoother clutch

   engagement and gear changes.

-  Reduce vibration and damping engine noise.

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