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Tek red ultra hd

TEK RED ULTRA HD EP2 GREASE contains high performance extreme pressure additives, offers Anti-wear protection, a strong Extreme Pressure package, rust and oxidation inhibitors and tackifiers. It offers good water resistance and exhibits good pumpability even at lower temperatures. It is also NLGI GC-LB certified for use as a multi-purpose automotive wheel bearing and chassis grease.




-  Excellent oxidation stability.

-  Suitable for high temperature use widely compatible.

-  Anti-wear protection.

-  Extreme pressure protection.

tek red ultra hd ep2_2_2x.png
tek red ultra hd ep2_2x (1).png

Tek Moly Grease

TEK HD 3% MOLY GREASE is enhanced with Moly (Molybdenum Disulfide) to provide protection against seizure under high loads and severe shock load conditions.




-  Resists softening and protects parts from wear.

-  Extraordinary Performance at High and Low Temperatures.

-  Resists oxidation and protects metal against rust.

-  Great Pumpability and Water Washoff Resistance.

-  Excellent Shear and Mechanical Stability.

heavy duty moly 3-_2x.png
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