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TekStar Brake & Clutch Fluid

TEKSTAR BRAKE AND CLUTCH FLUID DOT 3 is designed to perform in today`s extreme temperature braking systems and hydraulic clutch systems. Formula meets or exceeds dot 3 specifications requiring a FMVSS No 116 DOT 3, ISO 4925 Class 3, or many other equivalent specifications in glycol (polyglycol-ether) brake fluid.




-  Exceeds requirements for wet and dry equilibrium reflux boiling points (Wet ERBP and Dry

   ERBP) to help prevent vapour lock resulting from boiling of the brake fluid.

-  Provides an excellent flow at low temperatures for superior braking response

-  Meets federal motor vehicle safety standard 116.

-  Protects internal components from corrosion under normal use and service.

dot 3 brake fluid_2x.png

TekStar Royal Red Degreaser

ROYAL RED DEGREASER is a heavy duty cleaner and degreaser with cleaning power that in specific applications equals or exceeds many solvent based products.




- Quickly cuts and emulsifies all types of grease and oil.

- Removes many adhesives and paint residues.

- Low-hazard. Low toxicity. Non flammable and water soluble.

- Easy application with brush or low pressure spray.

royal red_2x.png

Tek Diesel Exhaust Fluid

DEF is a urea-based chemical reactant designed specifically for use in SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems to reduce NOx emissions. The raw materials used to produce DEF include natural gas, coal or other petroleum products. DEF is prepared by combining high purity urea with deionized water to create a 32.5% solution.




- Non-toxic and non-polluting

- Non-flammable.

- Stable and colorless.

- Non-hazardous.

diesel exaust fluid_2x.png
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