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Tek AX Inhibited Transformer Oil

TEK AX INHIBITED TRANSFORMER  OIL is an inhibited electrical insulating oil manufactured from highly refined mineral oils. It is formulated with an oxidation inhibitor to minimize oil deterioration and extend the operating life of the immersed components.


- Extended oil life.

- System efficiency.

- Transformer protection.

- Low pour point and low viscosity.

- Excellent oxidation stability.

tek ax inhibited transformer oil_2x.png

Tek Turbine Oils T32/T46

TEK TURBINE OILS are a premium quality ash-less oils designed for outstanding performance in natural gas or steam turbines, air compressors, circulating systems and non-EP gear boxes. They exhibit excellent thermal and oxidative stability for robust, long-term performance without sludging or thickening.




• Excellent Water-shedding properties Long component life.

• Prevents the formation of rust and guards against onset of corrosion.

Tek Gear Compounds EP

TEK GEAR COMPOUNDS are designed to meet the heavy- duty demands of a variety of industrial gear applications including those operating under such severe conditions as critical sliding velocities and shock loading that may occur under certain loading situations.




• Help maintain clean gear and bearing surfaces, minimizing deposits which interfere with

   effective lubrication.

• Effective EP system minimizes wear rates and maintains efficient transfer of power. Good

   water separation and effective rust inhibitors protect surfaces against rust and corrosion.

• High thermal stability additive system minimizes the formation of high temperature

   compounds which can be corrosive to bearing materials.

gear compound ep 460_2x.png

Tek Industrial Gear F

TEK INDUSTRIAL GEAR F are intended for use in enclosed gear drives and wherever an AGMA extreme pressure lubricant is required.




• Excellent oxidation and thermal stability.

• Effective corrosion Inhibition.

• Wide range of viscosities.

tek industrial gear f_2x.png

Tek Soluble Cutting Oil BT

TEK SOLUBLE CUTTING OIL BT is an oil based water soluble cutting oil. It is a versatile fluid and can be used in the machining of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. A biocide has been added to help control bacterial growth.




• Outstanding emulsion even with hard water.

• Cooling improved by metal wetting.

• Reduced foaming.

tek soluble cutting oil bt_2x.png

Tek Refrigeration WF Oils

TEK REFRIGERATION WF OILS are designed for use as refrigeration compressor oils.



• Wax-free, appropriate for low temperature service.

• Water-free to prevent freezing and corrosion in the refrigeration system.

• Reduce the propensity to form carbon deposits on the hot spots of the compressor.

• Appropriate for use in different refrigeration systems, like Freon and Ammonia.

• Prevent lubricant caused equipment failures.

• Extended life service.

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