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Tek Marine 40 TBN

TEK MARINE 40 TBN is a multifunctional crankcase lubricant for highly rated medium-speed diesel engines operating on residual fuel.




• Higher acid neutralization property, releasing the corrosion of acid materials produced in the combustion process of poor fuels effectively, cleaning piston and engine.

• Suitability for centrifugal separators.

• Excellent emulsifying resistance.

• Good oxidation resistance and anticorrosion performance to inhibit the formation of oxides.

tek marine 40 tbn_2x.png

Tek Marine DCL 70 TBN

TEK MARINE DIESEL CYLINDER LUBRICANT 70 TBN is designed to lubricate marine diesel engines that operate at slow speeds with high pressures, loading, and at high temperatures. This oil provides the reserve alkalinity needed to neutralize acids before they can cause damage to the cylinder walls.




• A combination of both highly refined base oil & oxidation inhibitor ensure excellent oxidation stability.

• Special detergent minimizes the forming of carbon deposits and sludge being stuck to engine parts and also helps in keeping the engine clean.

tek marine diesel cylinder lubricant 70
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