The Lubrication Program Assessment is a critical step in improving your overall lubrication program. Tek*Star's service team gathers data on critical equipment, maintenance practices, procedures, and technologies currently deployed at your facility. This is done through personnel interviews, record and document reviews and a detailed plant-wide walk-through. With this information, we assess and rate your current program, and create a report that compares our findings to the industry’s best practices standards. This will help you pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your existing lubrication management program.


This comprehensive information is presented in a detailed written report along with a visual scorecard, where we summarize opportunities for improvement in key areas versus current efforts and conditions. Each assessment report concludes with an Executive Summary that specifies your target areas for most rapid ROI, and lays out detailed next steps that (if implemented) will reenergize your lubrication management program to peak-performance. This provides your team with a roadmap to address plant or equipment status, and provide direction where to focus resources to ensure improvements in equipment reliability and reduction in overall maintenance costs. Tek*Star's services opens the door for many new cost saving strategies, including a full list of recommendations on improving oil sampling procedures, assessing fluid storage and handling procedures, and setting appropriate target and alarm limits.


Improving lubrication practices begins with education; it’s a critical component of any world class lubrication program. That’s why we have insightfully designed a variety of comprehensive courses to support and enhance your journey toward world class excellence.


With all of our world recognized training courses, you will get to know the most efficient lubrication practices, learn new skills for fast-tracking your journey and career. Expect nothing less than a high-quality learning experience that produces real results and lifetime skills you'll use again and again.

We offer the following courses:


  • Basic Machine Condition Analysis

  • Advanced Machine Condition Analysis

  • Lean Lubrication Management

  • Effective Oil Analysis

  • One-Day Workshops

  • Private Training

  • On-Demand Short Courses



Identify minor problems before they major failures – monitoring trends in wear and contamination can help prevent catastrophic failures.


Extend drain intervals – fluid changes should be performed when the condition of the fluid requires them, reducing unnecessary labor costs.


Extend equipment life – monitoring system cleanliness can help reduce repair and replacement costs and enables you to keep equipment longer.

Maximize asset reliability – scheduling downtime according to your schedule can eliminate unforeseen decreases in production.



  • Influence future purchasing decisions.

  • Affect positive change in daily maintenance practices.

  • Reports emailed with commenting & graphing.

  • Settings that can be set or changed.

  • Several management report options available.



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